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Flat Stacks are the latest in storage, made from durable food grade silicone. Store leftovers in fridge, freezer or pantry.


100% Safe

Flat Stacks are completely safe. They are BPA free and can be used in the fridge & freezer & can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Space Saving

Flat Stacks are collapsible for convenient storage in any cupboard or drawer! Save space & eliminate clutter.

5 yr Warranty

Flat Stacks come in a variety of sizes, shapes & colours with an air evacuation valve & clear  latch-tab lids.

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  • Green:        1000ml
  • Aqua Blue: 1000ml

2 Piece Lunchbox

2 Piece Rectangle

  • Pink:          1500ml
  • Green:       2000ml

4 Piece Round

  • Yellow:        350ml
  • Purple:        540ml
  • Green:        800ml
  • Maroon:     1200ml

4 Piece Rectangle

  • Yellow:        350ml
  • Purple:        540ml
  • Orange:      800ml
  • Aqua Blue:1200ml
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Individual XL Rectangles 

  • Lime Green: 3000ml
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  • Red: 4000ml
  • Navy Blue: 5000ml
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